Reacting to North Carolina Politicians

One of the issues with politics is that politicians like to act as if their constituents do not have access to the information needed to make predictions about their policies. This could be said towards Republicans or Democrats. Or political parties of other countries.

We can predict how laws will impact us. We live in an increasingly interconnected world, where more and more information is made readily available every single day. When a politician proposes a bill, or otherwise makes a move that can and will impact regular people, we can go onto the Internet and see how similar laws/moves have impacted people in other cities, states, countries. And we can base our reactions off of the results of similar legislation made elsewhere. This really isn’t that complicated. Yet for whatever reason we don’t take advantage of this utterly breath taking resource. True, we don’t have a set amount of time in which we can freely access this, but the truth is we should MAKE time. This is important stuff. Not more important than gaining the necessary skills to survive, or studying, but I think most people can shift a few minutes from something else, too examine the reality of the world we live in.
Politicians like to act as if these ideas are inspired, brand new tactics that never once been tried. But the truth is far more complex then that. Odds are, somewhere else a similar law has been implemented. And we can check the success of that law. Thanks to the Internet. Admittedly it isn’t always going to be the same, but we can honestly and openly examine the probabilities of certain laws being helpful or harmful to regular citizens. People have an obligation to be informed, and vocal citizens. And when we learn how to do that we’ll be better for it. We’ll actually elect representatives that are principled and care about their constituency. Next election we need to vote. And more than that, we need to be vocal, and educated about our needs, and what solutions have had the best results in helping us overcome our concerns. We need to get rid of politicians who care about the rich more than the middle-class. We need to get rid of a congress that refuses to face reality about same-sex marriage, about women reproductive rights, that wants to tax the middle class and lower class but not the rich, a congress that places a higher interest rate on students then on the banks. We need a United States that genuinely care about us, the middle class, the lower class, not those with the money to sway politicians.

This is one of the main articles which inspired this post.

Reacting to North Carolina Politicians

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