What is a Progressive?

A progressive is someone who believes in a better tomorrow, or even that the next hour can be better than this one was. A progressive is someone who understands that as a politician, or hell as a human being, we have an obligation to make things better for the people who will follow us, our children, that our responsibilities extend to them as well as to ourselves and our neighbors.

Part of the problem with politics in the contemporary USA and Honduras is the popularity of conservatives who want to conserve traditional values. These values don’t hold much worth after they’ve been used to encourage and enable discrimination against those less fortunate, even if they’re only less fortunate because of their sexual orientation and not because of access to a job or food or housing.

As a progressive, I face a tough battle in the US and in Honduras. But I believe in the principals which guide my actions, which is to fight for investments in schools, to fight for more voter turnout, to fight for transparency, to fight to force my fellow government workers to obey existing legal precedent. One of the biggest things I’d do, is I’d create legislation aimed to give people a voice, demanding that for instance, whenever a tax cut is suggested, or slipped somewhere as a hidden addition to a bill the people vote on whether or not it is implemented. If tax cuts are given to the rich, then the poor and middle class have to pay for it, so we have a right to voice our opinions and be taken seriously. We have a moral obligation to stand in front of big business when big business attempts to fatten it’s wallet by taking money from ours. As a progressive, I believe in legislation which transforms the minimum wage into a living, breathing wage. I believe that no child deserves to be in poverty. I believe that no adult deserves to be in poverty. I believe that homelessness can be successfully fought. I believe that healthcare is a right, that every single person deserves. I believe in intelligent restrictions on guns. And I believe that no one can be denied children on the basis of their sexuality, or denied the right to marry the consenting adult they choose, regardless of orientation, or gender at birth.

I believe in strengthening the lower and middle class. I believe in creating unity. I believe in a better tomorrow that is created by my labor, combined with the labor of every Honduran, of every American, of every person. The reason why I’m not conservative is because I understand that change can be good. I don’t want my kids living in the same world I am living in with less trees, and dirtier water. I want my kids living in a happier world, for everyone, than I am living in right now. I want my kids living in a world that everyone knows is better than it was yesterday.

The problem with conservatism is it’s based around a fear of change. And I don’t fear change. I fear a society based in traditional values, when those values are used as a license to discriminate and make life worse.

As someone who could very well become a politician, I understand that my duty as a politician wouldn’t just be to those who are my current constituents, but those who come after, after myself, and after my constituents. I would have an obligation not to get reelected, but to make the lives of the children of my constituents easier. A politician’s greatest measure of success isn’t his reelection rate, but the standard of life of his constituents and those who follow them. Only when politicians universally recognize this, can change begin to truly occur.

Are you a proud progressive? I am. If you are, or aren’t, why or why not?

What is a Progressive?

2 thoughts on “What is a Progressive?

  1. First, let me say I am glad you like my blog. For this month, in honor of US National Poetry Month, I have committed to a poem a day. However, most of the time I post comments, articles, etc. about issues about which I feel a great concern or to which I am committed. I just read that religions are expected to grow in the next 30 years. That usually means an increase in tradition which I do not see as usually a good thing. It puzzles me as to why people fear change. Who wants the same thing to occur all the time? Apparently, the majority of humans.

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  2. Beautiful comment! The US is an interesting example of some of the failings of conservatism and how it continues to remain popular. I don’t mind conservatism, but I acknowledge the failings of it, like how it fails to protect people who actually need protection. I posted this on Facebook, and believe me, the conversation I had was intense. Needless to say, not everyone likes progressives.

    I hope you enjoy more of my work! Your blog is awesome and I love the poems you’ve posted so far!


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