Welcome to my Universe

An elderly man greet’s you with a smile. His eyes speak wonders, the infinite mystery’s of one whose age seems endless. The wonderfully blue eyes greet you with a bright smile as he extends a hand that seems as ancient as the star’s. When you take the hand, everything seems to freeze as he whispers ‘Watch. Look with your soul. Not just with your eyes.“

You feel a sudden change, as suddenly an autumn breeze hit’s you. It’s brisk, not cold, but definitely not warm, and you shiver slightly, while the old man laughs softly, the sound soft but gentle and filled with an unexpected softness. ‘Watch… look with your mind’s eye. Let go of your traditional vision.’ He whispers, his voice gentle and soothing, undoubtedly ancient. When you slow down, and stop, breathing gently you close your eyes and then relax, waiting several minutes before opening your eyes and smiling. This is a memory from your childhood. A very fond memory.

Two children run through a forest. A setting sun is the stunning backdrop for this Kodak moment, and a huge smile crosses your face. Scarlet leaves are falling, drifting down slowly from one of the maple tree’s close by. The sound of crunching leaves is the main one heard as two children, one 13 and another 9 run through a forest. When the boy turn’s around his smile is genuine, an actual smile, a rare sight for the boy, and the girl is too busy jumping through leaf piles too notice. The boy’s dark eyes watched the girl, absorbed, as she laughed, the sound ringing through the forest. The boy was protective back then. He would be for a very long time. But back then, things were simpler. Then would hang out each day. And when they didn’t, the boy at least felt incomplete. He felt like something was missing. Although he’d never admit it, especially not to her, the girl made something come to life. When they were together, something just clicked with him. Something about her just made the world perfect. Whether it was biking with her and seeing her long brown hair flow in the wind, or when they spent summer nights laying in the grass and watching the stars. Later on he would realize just how blessed he was in those days of childhood innocence. Whether it was raining and they were playing video games, or it was shining outside and they were swimming through beautiful pools, or even the local pond. The two were inseparable. It took the boy a very long time to come too grips with his feelings.

But for her it had been even harder. Imagine, someone who would take your deepest secrets to the grave, suddenly kissing you. Imagine being in his arms, and feeling his lips suddenly slam against your’s and actually liking it. She had known him since she was in elementary. Yet suddenly, she realized that maybe just maybe, he’s the one she needed.

All of these thoughts suddenly rushed into your mind as the old man smiles. You do too, when you realize how painfully true, and beautiful these memories are. But even more vivid, are the other memories with him. Exploring the world. Seeing breath-taking colors fill your vision, as tree’s taller then some buildings surround you and him, his hand gripping yours, the sight of his smile as beautiful as the tree’s which surround both of you. Golden leaves descend around you, and he smiles while you stare at each stunning leaf, his breath taken not by the tree’s, but by the lovely sight which is next to him, the smile which transforms you from a beautiful girl, to an amazing masterpiece, art done by the angels. ‘If God is real, he truly made some beautiful things…’ He whispers, and you smile ‘These tree’s are amazing aren’t they?’ You ask, laughing gently, and he looks at you, stunning aquatic blue eyes entrapping the grey of your’s and he whispers ‘Yes they are, but not as beautiful as you..’ He whispers gently and you look away blushing.

His next word’s draw you out of your trance ‘Remember… in this world, the wonder’s are infinite. Oceans filled with millions of fish, small and large exist. Golden forests teeming with deer, foxes, wolves, birds, people, are more common than you may believe. Cities, each unique and beautiful, teem with cars, with people with stories to tell, more happy and more furious than others. Skies filled with planes, birds, and all manner of wonderful sights exist. Go out and learn more about the world. Learn to seize the day. To absorb the beauty in the world around you.’ He whispers, smiling, as you let his hand go, and smile, your smile suddenly filled with the amazing new knowledge, and the joy of the memories you gained.

I’m a writer. Welcome to my world. Let me show you around. It’s an amazing ride. I hope you can join me.

This little writing exercise is ancient, over 2 years old actually, back on Tumblr. I dug it back up for the purpose of showing it to people, because I actually enjoyed it. I hope you do too!

Welcome to my Universe

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