Why I’m an Atheist

This is something of great importance to me. As an Atheist, and a vocal one, I constantly face comments by theists, particularly Christians. Living in the Bible Belt contributes to this as well. But I’m going to talk about why I’m an Atheist.

I’m an Atheist because I study history. As a historian, and as someone whose come to accept evidence, I’ve come to the conclusion that being an Atheist is the proper path forward for me. Between the contradictions in the Bible, and the logical impossibilities presented within the text of the stories stored in it, I simply can’t believe.

I’m an Atheist because not only has the notion of an all-loving and all-good god has not been created by any religion, particularly Islam and Christianity, but these gods are often far too human, far too fallible and childish. I’m an Atheist because any god that requires my worship to consider me a good person is someone I consider a tyrant.

I’m an Atheist because the evidence doesn’t lead me towards religion. The evidence shows that no guider or intelligence is needed. I’m an Atheist because I cannot accept that the religion most of Western society seems to accept without fault is the true one, because I understand how much harm they’ve done to their neighbors in the name of Jesus.

I’m an Atheist because I don’t believe. In addition to a variety of other reasons, I’m an Atheist because I don’t believe in any of it. In God. In the myths of his son. In the myths of the other prophet, who was in the desert, and created Islam. I’m an Atheist because what I “believe” in is humans. I’m an Atheist because I don’t need any supernatural or divine commands to be a decent human being. It’s that simple.

Why I’m an Atheist

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