Joshua Feuerstein

Joshua Feuerstein seems to think that asking a pro-LGTBQ bakery to bake a cake with an anti-LGTBQ message is the same thing as asking for a wedding cake for a same-sex wedding. It isn’t.

Joshua Feuerstein is “in hiding” because of negative backlash to a video he made equating same-sex marriage to a Ku Klux Klan meeting. Not even kidding. I’ll be posting the video, he did try and equate the two.

This video also attacks same-sex couples, which Joshua claims to love. He states if they want to get married, they should just marry someone of the opposite gender. That’d be highly counter-intuitive, wouldn’t it Joshua?

The one clever moment he had was when he spoke of a Muslim or Jewish restaurant. But he’s also incredibly wrong. You wouldn’t go to a Muslim restaurant or a Jewish one and expect food they don’t cook. Not because it goes against their religion. But because it isn’t on the menu. Many bakeries cook wedding cakes. So this example falls apart.

My thoughts are best stated in a Status I wrote on the topic, on Facebook, which will be copy pasted down below.

“Our religious freedom is under attack”, says Facebook Pastor Joshua Feuerstein. Never has this exceptionally unintelligent individual been more wrong.

He recently made an attempt to “expose” the “hypocrisy” of the Liberal Left. He also failed. What he did was attempt to contact a pro-LGTBQ bakery and asked them to bake a cake with an anti LGTBQ message on it. Their refusal doesn’t make them hypocrites.

Not baking a cake for a LGTBQ wedding is not the same as refusing to bake a cake with a message of hate. And he himself reveals his own stupidity, when he says that we wouldn’t expect an African American baker to make a cake for Ku Klux Klan. Exactly. You wouldn’t expect a cake to be made for a hate group. Or a cake to be made that contains a message of hate. And asking a business to make a cake for a group is not the same thing as making a cake with a message of hate.

Also, nice equating of a gay marriage to a Ku Klux Klan meeting. Really smooth Feuerstein.

A Christian baker can make a cake for a same-sex or otherwise LGTBQ wedding, and it not be anti-Christian, or against their beliefs. But asking a group to put a message that is “anti” anything IS NOT THE SAME THING AS ASKING FOR A CAKE.

Also worth noting, that Feuerstein isn’t being original. He’s taken the idea from a anti-gay activist, Theodore Shoebat. Shoebat did the same thing in December of 2014 when this topic first began trending.

Also note-worthy: He attacks same-sex marriage, not considering the obvious idea that words can be redefined, especially important given that marriage was once decided by the family, and was done for profit, for a VERY long time.

And, forcing a restaurant to change it’s grill isn’t the same as getting a bakery to bake a cake which is the same as any other cake, just for a LGTBQ marriage. The reason for this, is because a Muslim or Jewish restaurant DON’T SERVE THOSE PRODUCTS. YOU WOULDN’T GO THERE FOR THOSE FOOD ITEMS. YOU’D GO TO A BAKERY FOR BAKED GOODS, INCLUDING CAKE.”

Feuerstein is just bad. He’s just… not good. If you want to be seen as a moderately serious individual, any association with Feuerstein will probably “poison the well” of your reputation, even by other theists. Please stop people like him.

Joshua Feuerstein

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