Anthropologists Rock.

I’m a History major with another major in Latin American Studies and a Anthropology Minor. And this is a shout-out to those who are either studying Anthropology or practicing it. Because you guys (including kind of me) are the real MVPs.

Anthropology is fantastic. And not just the kind that studies people of the past. But the Anthropologists who are out there campaigning to make the lives of regular people better. The anthropologists who are teaching farmers better techniques so they can grow more food. Anthropologists who are human rights activists. Anthropologists who go out into remote and isolated communities and work to help residents of those villages gain access to medicine and proper, modern, healthcare. You guys are incredible human-beings, and I don’t know that you get the proper level of recognition.

Forensic Anthropology is also something that is desperately needed in Honduras. And I want to hire people to come to Honduras to do just that. Criminals will be punished by the law, if I have it my way. And I believe that I could one day. And I’d like to believe that some of the people who read my blog also believe that I can create change. If you don’t you still motivate me, just to prove you wrong. 🙂

Medical Anthropology is what I’d like to get a degree in. Part of it, lies in Honduras. I want to help make sex-education accessible to Hondurans, and I want to combat the HIV rates in Honduras. I also want to humanize the victims of HIV which isn’t regularly done in Honduras. Earlier this year Karen Dunaway (a young Honduran) was kidnapped by a group looking to get a ransom. She’s an utterly incredible human-being who is younger than I am, but has done so much for her country. She’s spoken at the UN, and is an inspiration to the thousands of Hondurans who have this horrific condition and a reminder that victims of HIV are more than victims, that they are survivors. She’s also part of the motivation I have to help Honduras. Individuals like her, who strive for nothing short of utter excellence remind me of a face of Honduras that people don’t often mention. Unless you’re me. Or someone whose actually living in Honduras.

I want to be part of the cultural revolution that modernizes Honduran health-care and universalizes it. Because every person deserves health-care. And I also want to hire anthropologists to help me do just that. Medical Anthropology is awesome. Sex-Education is awesome. Quite frankly, to me, most things are awesome. 🙂

Anthropology is awesome and if you study it, you are also awesome by definition. But you’re also awesome just because.

Anthropologists Rock.

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