Honduran Political Parties

A short guide for anyone interested.

PNH: National Party of Honduras. They are the right-wing party. They have been the majority party since the 2009 coup d’etat. The past two presidents (for one of the first times since the latest constitution) have been members of this party, Porfirio Lobo Sosa and Juan Orlando Hernandez. They also strongly endorsed the Military Police, which recently took a serious unified effort by the Left-wing parties to actually shoot down. 48 seats in congress, alongside Juan Orlando.

LIBRE: The Liberty and Refoundation Party. The newest important left-wing party. Currently the opposition party to the PNH. Founded by Xiomara Castro, and Jose Manuel Zelaya following the 2009 coup. It’s the child of fusing the various groups that formed the National Popular Resistance Front. 37 seats in congress.

PLH: The Liberal Party. This was the party that Jose Zelaya was a part of prior to him being kicked out of power. This party was also the prime opponent of the PNH prior to the birth of LIBRE. 27 seats in congress.

PAC: The Anti-Corruption Party headed by Salvador Nasarallah. He is a strange figure in Honduran politics, and this party is also odd. However they made up part of the movement against the PMOP, and Salvador Nasarallah has a bit of potential to become a legitimate political powerhouse given the ability of his allies to get elected when faced with such fierce competition from older more established parties. A centre party. 13 seats in congress.

Christian Democratic Party: An older centre party prior to PAC. They only have 2 seats in congress. Not much information is readily accessible about them.  2 seats.

Innovation and Unity party, and Democratic Unification Party: two parties with 1 seat in congress each. Innovation and Unity was intended as an alternative to PLH (it is center-left) in the 1970’s and the military dictatorship. Democratic Unification Party is another left wing party established in the early 1990’s due to a merger of 4 minor parties. The Democratic Unification Party were allied with Zelaya even after the coup, being one of the only groups that was an organized political party to back him.

In my opinion the parties to pay attention to are: The PNH, LIBRE, and PAC. They have real power, and potential and how they stand is important to know. The PLH, LIBRE, and PAC formed an alliance to defeat the attempt by the PNH to ratify the PMOP, and have demonstrated the ability to come together when it is important. If that alliance continues, they could pass legitimate reforms, or at least try, and give their parties more weight to throw against the PNH and to defeat the next presidential candidate the PNH throws at them. The future of Honduras politically is dependent upon the next generation of leaders, and the ability of this generation’s powerhouses to form solid alliances devoted to crossing party lines and creating lasting reforms regardless of party affiliation. I want to work with moderates within the PNH who understand the qualms that I, and other allies of LIBRE have with things like the PMOP. I want to form lasting partnerships with members of each party who dream of a Honduras wherein the future isn’t seen in shades of party membership, but in unity. I want to unite members of each party whose real loyalty isn’t to parties but rather to the Honduran people.

Honduran Political Parties

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