A Message to Honduran Voters in the United States

This is my open letter to Honduran-American Democrats who are debating what to do when it comes to Hillary Clinton.

Please note: I am a definite leftist. I fully support Democrats in the United States, and I am critical of the National Party in Honduras.

But the Hondurans who can vote in the United States are going to have to make a serious decision soon. In 2016 there will be another presidential election. One of the possible candidates, and the individual who will almost certainly be the Democratic candidate is Hillary Clinton. We as members of both American society and Honduran society are going to have a dilemma on our hands.

Hillary Clinton was one of the primary voices who kept the US from truly opposing the coup. We have a hard choice to make when it comes to supporting Hillary Clinton, and if she should be elected, the Honduran government will be divided on her acceptance as well. Members of LIBRE who have researched the coup will undoubtedly be less than enthused when it comes to her, and members of the PNH will be overwhelmed with joy.

Hillary Clinton threw an entire nation into turmoil when she pushed for the United States to continue to support the coup-government. And the 1,000,000 Hondurans living in the United States would do well to remember what she has done to Honduras. She used her considerable political clout to prevent Zelaya from returning to office. It was a mistake. This is another moment in which someone’s feelings might not agree with the facts, but the reality is that the foreign policy nightmare of the Honduran coup left Honduras worse-off.

I have no doubt that figures in Honduras remember Hillary Clinton’s decision. And I have no doubt that in the days to come, powerful Honduran politicians will back Hillary Clinton. And behind closed doors Honduran politicians will be whispering obscenities and mentally preparing themselves for having to deal with Hillary Clinton’s political moves in cities like Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula.

This coup occurred within our living memory. And Hillary Clinton’s role in it cannot be understated. Nor can it be forgiven. If the time comes to support Hillary or a Republican, I personally will face a hard decision. I believe there could be another way. I believe other Democrats, like Elizabeth Warren should run. But I cannot push them into running. Maybe the collective “we” could. But no one person alone could.

Do not let Hillary forget Honduras. Do not let her get away with throwing an entire country under the bus. Stand with those who died in the chaos of those first few days after the coup. Stand with each life who ended partially due to Hillary’s political ambitions.

Some might say Benghazi was Clinton’s screw-up. But I disagree. I think Honduras was. And I for one will not rush into praising her for running. I will need to be convinced. I will be see that she can actually be trusted with running the United States. And I’d like to believe all of the Hondurans in the United States agree with me.

A Message to Honduran Voters in the United States

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