Benefits of knowing the Honduran News

One of my favorite things to write about is Honduran news partially because it’s such a cool topic. And also so few people bother to translate it, that I am usually one of the only people I know who covers the topics I do.

I read everything from news about sicknesses plaguing Honduras, to statements made by politicians and I know that these things have a genuine impact on many of my friends, and the city I once lived in, but so few people find them relevant. These articles cover REAL events that actually impact in some cases over a million Hondurans.

I like to make the Honduran news understandable to Americans, and I’d like to believe that because of my efforts some people have grown a bit more fascinated with Honduran news. I’d like to believe that my coverage of these events has made them a bit more understandable to people who might otherwise not really care.

I also want to promote Honduran pride in their (“our”) home. I think remaining aware of news impacting us and our family members is an important part of the best kind of pride. I’d like to believe that the words I write make our society a bit more understandable. I believe understanding Honduras is important, because many immigrants come from Honduras to the United States. I also believe it’s important because many missionaries and volunteers will inevitably travel to Honduras. Perhaps my posts have inspired, or will inspire, someone to go abroad to Honduras and work to make it a better place, even if it’s only for a few weeks or days.

Anyways, the purpose of this post is to talk about the coolness of Honduran news. For instance, this week I learned that Honduras’s first lady is spear-heading a campaign to enhance public health. I also got to learn about the 3rd annual “National Alphabetation plan” which is a campaign that uses students as teachers during 20 Saturdays to teach adults literacy. And I got to hear about a planned project to repair and maintain two more police posts in San Pedro Sula, a project which will help over 100 Police officers in the city! That’s news in Honduras English media don’t cover! And I know about these campaigns because I actively read Honduran media! I want to work, to make this news not only news for me, but news for you, people who can’t read or don’t have the time to read, Honduran news. I want to make Honduran media approachable. For anyone interested.

I enjoy translating the news. I hope one day you all get to enjoy it with me!

Here’s the links to those mentioned articles!

Benefits of knowing the Honduran News

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