Honduran politicians talk about U.S. Marines arriving

5 politicians from 5 Honduran political parties have spoken out either for or against the Marines who arrived just yesterday in Honduras.

Augusto Cruz of the Christian Democrats said “The Marines are welcome so long as they assist us in the delicate situation we face facing off against drug-traffickers. This fight is going to require international cooperation. The Marines are welcome here but they must obey national laws.”

Mauricio Villeda the leader of the Liberal Party seems to think that the Marines might be somewhat of a distraction as the Honduran Supreme Court debates presidential reelection. “Honduras does not need to protect (or pay for) their land. That was a mistake of the past” Was another set of his statements. He’s clearly not enthused over the expanding presence of the USA in Honduras.

Guillermo Valle of PINU (Innovation and Unity, a usually quiet alternative to the Liberals and the Nationalists) has these thoughts on the matter “The millitary assistance is welcome so long as it remains honest, legitimate, and respects us and our land.”

Rasel Tome of LIBRE is against the presence of the Marines, stating “I do not agree with This political strategy and these guerrillas.” Taking a strong stance against the marines, he seems to believe that the Marines will support the right-wing of the Honduran government.

Rafael Padilla (Of PAC, the Anti-Corruption Party) is for the marines stating “PAC is a friend of the United States. We are not going to reject the Northern Country for wanting to expand its military presence.”

I’m somewhat neutral. I believe that a US military presence could have its ups and downs. La Mosquitia is a remote region, fairly unprotected and mostly farm lands or rainforest. It’s also one of the places many believe has a drug cartel presence. And was the home of bandit attacks by neighboring Nicaraguans last month. It is difficult to safeguard. Expanded USA presence could be helpful. Unfortunately one of the last times the USA was in La Mosquitia it was unwelcome thanks to a scandal filled operation by the DEA and Honduran police officers in which some locals were gunned down by Honduran police.

Garifuna in Trujillo have lost homes and part of a community to an expanding Canadian presence in the area, and government corruption. The expanding USA presence in the area is likely to cause international tensions between the three groups, Canada (somewhat private, and somewhat governmental), Garifuna, and USA. It’s going to be an odd situation. The USA are conducting excersies over in Trujillo and in la Mosquitia.

I want to see what comes of this situation. I want to see what the Americans do before I try to pass judgement. The USA might help Hondurans, or it might support the Honduran right-wingers who want to privatize Trujillo and expand into La Mosquitia. Time will tell. What are your thoughts?









Honduran politicians talk about U.S. Marines arriving

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