It’s always makes me laugh whenever someone complains about me being a liberal. Mostly because I know the definition of liberalism.

Liberalism is a political philosophy founded on ideas of equality and liberty. I don’t think it’s crazy to have a worldview focused on equality when the two countries I’ve lived in that seriously impacted me are Honduras and the United States.

The USA is a world leader in child poverty. This January close to 138,000 kids were homeless.

In 2013 in Honduras roughly 65% of the population was in poverty.

I don’t think children should be punished for the mistakes of their parents. Regardless of someone’s opinions on food-stamps, welfare, or whatever, I believe that everyone should be treated the same.

I think people should be mad at tax cuts to the rich. Corporate welfare is the actual problem. Not welfare to individuals. But for some reason I see “conservatives” up in arms over individuals in Kentucky getting welfare. But not the tax cuts to the companies, which is basically enabling them to keep their money, despite the fact that this means middle class and lower class people have to pay more and pick up the slack.

I believe that PEOPLE who need assistance should get it. Not companies. I believe everyone deserves a living wage. I believe in taxing businesses appropriately. And in giving breaks to the people who WORK for them.

I understand that most minimum wage earners are not teenagers. And that even if they were, I understand that college is expensive, and the minimum wage has not risen appropriately to keep up with inflation or the cost of living.

I believe that opportunities and equality are key. And I believe that sometimes the government is needed to assist regular people. I do believe that there are those who cheat the system, but I don’t think the system is flawed because of people cheating it. Especially when so many of the real “welfare queens” are actually giant corporations and not regular Americans.

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