Honduran Congress begins discussing censorship

There’s a rather unusual law currently being discussed in the Honduran congress right now.

A member of the PAC (Anti-Corruption Party) is pushing a censorship law which would seek to prohibit pretty much any media which would glorify the culture of narco-trafficking and gang violence.

Additionally this law would seek to restrict the importation and selling of fake guns, which resemble real ones and have previously been used to commit crimes.

The law would also seek to create educational programs which aim to promote positive cultural values and begin to defeat the culture which has no issues with drug-traffickers which has gradually instilled itself in Honduras.

This is certainly a possible solution to people who may otherwise become desensitized to gang violence and drug violence. However is it really the solution we should seek? I’m unsure of how to feel about it. Although I do agree with beginning a crackdown on those who use fake guns to commit crimes, and beginning a cultural revolution which focuses on positive aspects of the Honduran Identity.

Additionally censorship is always a tricky issue, and someone could certainly see this legislation as a bit of a distraction from real issues which plague Honduras. I see it as that, but I also see it as an interesting way to cultivate interest in real measures to address the problem of drug-trafficking. If a real politician sees a positive reaction from this, he or she might take it as the beginning of a popular movement to crack down on the rampant influence of gangs and drug violence.

What are your thoughts? Is censorship a real solution to the messages mass media is sending to young Hondurans?



Honduran Congress begins discussing censorship

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