“Test” to determine the difference between republicans and democrats

1: Gun control. If Republicans don’t like guns, they don’t get them. If Democrats don’t like guns, they understand that sensible gun control is a good thing, and work to push legislation which would intelligently place restrictions on who can get guns, and which guns are readily accessible to the public. Intelligent gun control and SUPER STRICT gun control are not the same thing, but they can be synonymous to each other.

2: If a Republican doesn’t like meat they don’t eat it. If a Democrat is worried about America’s obesity problem, they decide it’s time to get healthier food in schools, and this can include restricting the amount of meat in public school meals.

3: If a Republican is gay, they don’t do anything to get their rights to be equal to everyone else’s. If a Democrat is gay, or straight but believes in equality, they lobby for marriage and adoption equality, the right to serve in the military openly, the right to donate blood which could save lives.

4: If a Republican is down and out, he tries to get work, and may get food-stamps instead of starving to death. If a Democrat is down and out, he tries to get work, and may get food-stamps instead of starving to death.

5: If a republican doesn’t like a talk show host, he switches channels. If a democrat doesn’t like a talk show host he switches channels. If a Talk Show Host decides to speak in a way that might be construed as “hate-speech” Fox News hires him and gives him a raise.

6: A republican non-believer doesn’t go to church. A democrat non believer also doesn’t go to church. Militant Atheists good, or bad, don’t base their militant non-belief in politics, but they do expect the government to maintain neutrality when it comes to religion, and understands that God in the pledge of allegiance, or in public, tax paid displays, is not neutrality.

7: Both republican and democratic Americans like healthcare and deserve it. A “Republican” according to this “test” is ALWAYS capable of finding jobs which provide health care. A “Democrat” according to this “test” “demands” that his healthcare be government provided, understanding that universal health-care is a sign of development, and an intelligent public who all understand that people shouldn’t be denied health-care because of their level of wealth.

Youngcons is absolute trash and anyone who took this “test” seriously is a joke.

Source: http://www.youngcons.com/here-is-a-perfect-explanation-about-the-difference-between-democrats-and-republicans/

This list doesn’t make the case it thinks it does. If anything it’ll annoy democrats who realize that these straw-man traits aren’t necessarily bad. Maybe Republicans think they are bad, but they aren’t. This list further demonstrates the differences between “democrats” and “republicans” in a more serious manner than the people who believe this list realize. Democrats are working hard according to this list, and Republicans aren’t doing a damn thing in it.

Please note: This list is also absolutely not true. I don’t want you to think I think Republicans are lazy people who do nothing. I think Republicans, like Democrats, are hard-working individuals who really want to make the United States an even better country. I believe in bipartisanship. I believe in ending needless battles between ideologies.

“Test” to determine the difference between republicans and democrats

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