An Overview of the Honduran Constitutional Crisis.

This is an overview of the ACTUAL Honduran constitutional crisis. This is intended for people who aren’t well aware of the sequence of events which led us, the people of Honduras, to our current situation. But people who are aware, might also be informed of a factor they weren’t previously aware of. So if you’d like, you could continue reading.

1982: The Constitution is signed and ratified by president Cordova Some of the articles make it clear that reelection is not allowed, and will certainly not be allowed. Article 239 makes it clear that reelection is not going to happen. And creates a punishment for those who try to oppose this article will face immediate expulsion from public office, and a ten year ban on running for office. Article: 374, also ensures that 239 is among the articles which cannot be modified.

2009: Zelaya is deposed. The main “excuse” is that he was attempting to ensure his own reelection was a possibility. This is a complicated topic, but basically, he wasn’t. If he wanted anything, it was to see if the public would be opposed to beginning a conversation ABOUT rewriting the constitution. This is still controversial but it does paint Zelaya in a negative light. The Referendum is illegal. Like… super illegal. I’m not a fan of Zelaya either.

March 11th 2015: Former president Rafael Callejas begins his official campaign to pressure the Supreme Court to invalidate article 239. He claimed that it “violated his rights as a citizen” and that this didn’t mean “ending 239” If the constitution actually applied, Callejas should have been banned, just like Zelaya.

April 22nd 2015: The Court begins to green-light the process of reelection. The constitutional branch met, and agreed, unanimously, to go ahead and begin enabling reelection. It’s more complex but this is the simple version.

April 23th 2015: Judge Jose Lizardo takes back his vote. Court meets again, says he can’t do that, previous decision remains. Congress meets and debates whether or not to listen. Debate sort of continues.

Basically… Honduras is in a weird place right now. The next thing I plan on writing is a formal reaction to the events. But this has been an overview of it. for more writing!

An Overview of the Honduran Constitutional Crisis.

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