Formal Reaction to Presidential Reelection

This is my formal reaction to the events that have occurred since April 22nd.

Let me begin this by saying that Presidential Reelection is not an evil, in and of itself. It just isn’t. However, in a corrupt joke of a democracy like Honduras underneath Hernandez, it is not a tool that can be used correctly. In a country where in the previous election it is a documented FACT that vote buying occurred, we simply shouldn’t enable personal dictatorships.

The decision of the Supreme Court to begin enabling reelection was a mistake. Plain and simple. I’ll say it freely, they had a choice, an extremely difficult one, and they screwed up. But I will not insist that they are “traitors” who “sold out the country” like so many others have insisted that they are. The reason I do this, is because I have written extensively on the continued weakening of the Supreme Court, and I recognize that the five justices undoubtedly faced threats and immense pressure from the outside to kneel to the desires of Rafael Callejas. I also understand that it is entirely possible they would have been fired for refusing to succumb to the wills of the ruling party, and though they could have anyway, I have no doubt that they wanted to make the best out of a terrible hand they’d been dealt. I understand the political ambitions of the PNH because I have written about it, and I have seen it, I recognize the naked ambitions of the leaders within the PNH. I also understand that there are undoubtedly moderates within the PNH, but that these moderates have yet to contest the decision of the Supreme Court. I also recognize that at least one justice, Jose Lizardo rescinded his vote, after witnessing the intensity of the reactions by the Honduran public. I admire his bravery for making that undoubtedly difficult decision, even if it was overruled and effectively ignored. I have no desire to crucify or harm anyone. I ask that if at all possible, people don’t rush to bash the judges. It isn’t that simple. But they did mess up. Big time.

I also will freely admit to a new-found respect for Nasralla. The president of the Anti-Corruption Party has spoken out against the ruling, and his entire party has backed him. I admire him for his convictions and I want to work with him in the future to protect the Honduran people. I have reached out to his party, and freely offered my skills and assistance, alongside my passion and energy to them in order to further their agenda of protecting the people. I will also freely admit that I haven’t always taken them seriously, and that I will not be agreeing with them 100%, but they have continually acted in the best interests of the Honduran people, and have persisted despite ridicule, from both the Honduran public, and politicians. I believe that in light of the recent decision by the Supreme Court, many people will begin to take Nasralla and PAC far more seriously. I also believe that if the 13 representatives band together and continually attempt to pass positive legislation, they can not only further the agenda of the Honduran people, but also gain more respect and begin to be seen as an alternative to the PLH, and LIBRE. The reasons why I’m supporting PAC also lie in the fact that I doubt there’ll be a huge amount of infighting in their internal election. I want to support a party that truly cares about the people, not about the presidency. I want my talents to aid the politicians who want to go out there and talk to the people, and gain victories for them, not for business, or for extremists, of any political orientation.

The next few weeks in Honduras will be rife with conflict. This explains the decision by Juan Orlando to “reveal” the plot to assassinate him, and also vindicates the comments by Mauricio Villeda in which he claimed that the Marines arrival would be a red-herring as this decision occurred. Turns out… he was right. The Political powerhouses in Honduras are undoubtedly drawing lines in the sand and preparing for some of the fiercest internal conflicts that have occurred in the last 33 years, since the ratification of the constitution. Stay weary, stay patriotic.

The Constitution Lives! Don’t let it die now! The people of Honduras must come together and fight potential dictatorship before it occurs. Before it becomes entrenched! Stand for Honduras. Stand for freedom. Stand for hope, and liberty, and the constitution!

Formal Reaction to Presidential Reelection

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