My take on Baltimore

When White US citizens have thrown riots over sports games, you cannot expect African US Citizens to take you seriously when you sprout rhetoric about how riots are bad and how the apparent worth of a store is more than that of a community in grief and in rage.

When media rushes to paint something in a violent, simplistic, picture, you cannot expect people to react the same way.

The problems that led to the riot are FAR more important than the damage caused by the riots. Yes Riots hurt innocents, but so too do police who aren’t held to an excellent standard. If Police are to be trusted, they must be held to a high standard, and must act in a way which makes it clear that they value and respect the trust they’ve built. Riots are a tactic used by a community which has been ignored and belittled for too long.

The Media is deliberately misleading the public at large about Freddie Grey, attempting to focus on the violence in the riots, rather than the systemic violence the peaceful protests was attempting to address. Riots might not be a “correct” way to react to systemic violence, but by shifting the focus to the violence in the riots, the media is attempting to red-herring the public.

If people don’t want protests, or riots, police absolutely MUST be held to an excellent standard. Baltimore police do have a history of violence, which is part of the reason for the protests, regardless of Freddie Gray’s innocence or guilt in having a switchblade. Many websites have attempted to poison the well when it comes to Freddie Gray but the protests aren’t about him. They are about something greater. He was the final straw, but he wasn’t the “cause” don’t mistake the two.

Don’t like riots? Work with communities to ensure that police are held to a very high standard. But don’t complain when marginalized communities react heatedly to continued injustice. Especially if you don’t condemn riots by White US citizens with the same passion you condemn riots by African US Citizens. End the Double Standard.

My take on Baltimore

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