Introduction: Angels and Sirens

The room should have only had one person inside of it. But it didn’t. The one inhabitant in it, wasn’t about to be fooled so easily. He stared directly at the golden orb that was descending lazily down from the ceiling.

“Could you please hurry up? I’ve got things to do, and chatting with one of you isn’t something that ranks very highly on my list of priorities.” He said, clearly annoyed at having been summoned. The orb didn’t speed up, but continued its lazy descent down to the floor, until finally it began to brightly glow, its light expanding until the entire room was covered in a blinding golden glow. After a few moments the glow began to dim, retreating as suddenly as it had begun.

When the light level in the room had returned to what it had been prior to the orb beginning to emit light, the orb had vanished. And in its place stood a lone woman. A woman with a glowing halo, which was the exact same color as the orb had been.

A human observing the event with an impartial eye, might have guessed that the woman had a fixation with gold. She was dressed in a simple golden robe, a long and thin piece of what appeared to be cloth, that shone and helped produce a bit of light into the otherwise fairly dark room. The very air around her seemed to produce golden light, which would have helped people who couldn’t see in the dark see the room the two stood in. She stood in the heart of the room, and kept her eyes closed.

“We, the inhabitants of Heaven are here to warn you.” She said, her voice nondescript, as if she didn’t feel anything. The young man she spoke to chuckled as he watched her. “We demand that you cease hostilities towards us, and those under our protection.” She said, almost certainly having been assigned to this task by her heavenly superiors, who knew she’d have the restraint and lack of emotion needed to handle this task without attacking the person she was addressing. “If you immediately cease your hostile actions towards us, we will also cease attacking you, and your allies. But this is the first and final warning you will be given.” She said, her voice plain, although not unpleasant to listen too, even with the absolute lack of emotion.

She was the most robotic angel that the young man had ever come across. Despite her considerable beauty, she was so stiff, and robotic in her actions, like when a newly born demon first possesses someone, and they need time to learn how to move in the body, how to properly operate it. She kept her eyes closed, and when she spoke, her face contorted almost painfully, due to her inexperience in speech. Her words couldn’t quite match her lip movements, and the young man knew he wasn’t truly able to comprehend her speech, at least not in its original form, but rather he understand her due to her ability to speak in the language that angels used which all speaking beings could understand. “We, the direct guardians of Heaven have a desire to mend fences with you, and your kind. We want neutrality.” She said, her voice stiff, as if she was speaking a language she was technically fluent in, but didn’t have any real experience with.

(P.S.: That’s the end of the preview)

What’d you think? 🙂

This is the first draft version of an introduction I’m writing for a trilogy I’d like to write. I have it a bit fleshed out, so its just a process of getting it on paper at this point. I hope you enjoyed it! Sorry for the hiatus, by the way, but its over. Expect more stories, and posts from now on! 🙂

Introduction: Angels and Sirens

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