Caitlyn Jenner, my response

The reason why Caitlyn Jenner is called brave, is because to so many kids who are wondering, or know, that they are trans, coming out is a defining moment. And it isn’t just Trans. kids. It’s kids and adults of all parts of the LGTBQ+ community. Coming out, especially in largely religious areas is in fact an act of valor. It’s an act of freedom, and one that takes tremendous bravery. You may disagree, but that’s fine.

What we should work towards is a world where being yourself doesn’t have to be a risky move. We should work towards a world where bigotry isn’t disguised as admiration towards the army, or first responders, because to many people of all ages, genders, and orientations, Caitlyn’s move to be herself will be an iconic moment. Perhaps to you it isn’t as brave as a soldier risking his life, but you know what a lot of LGTQB+ people, even in the United States are risking their lives by being true to themselves. Perhaps to you it isn’t as wonderful as a fire-fighter jumping into a fire to save a wounded wife. But Caitlyn’s move could have saved lives, because some LGBTQ+ youth saw how the world at large readily accepted Caitlyn. Perhaps to some kids or adults somewhere, seeing how the world was ready for Caitlyn made them wonder, and hope, that they’d be as accepted, or even more accepted when they finally did come out.

I do believe Caitlyn being open, and public about her transition, and her experiences, is an act of bravery. Do I think she’s as brave as a soldier? No, but I wasn’t aware that being brave was a competition. I guess somewhere I missed that memo.

“Bravery” and “Heroics” are all relative. But soldiers don’t leap into firefights to be called “heroes”. Firefighters don’t risk it all for publicity. Caitlyn didn’t come out to be judged by the world, but she came out to be able to look at herself in the mirror and feel at home in her own skin. Remember that.

Caitlyn Jenner, my response

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