The Wrath of God and Marriage Equality

This post may or may not bother some people. You’ve been warned. Gonna chat about Marriage Equality and “Gods” wrath.

I’m an Atheist. That is genuinely one of the first things people tend to learn about me. Typically the next is that I study history. In this instance those things are related.

“Gods” wrath isn’t going to hit the United States due to Marriage Equality. And I don’t even say this because I’m an Atheist. I say this because I’m a historian. We’re about to go through a history lesson.

If God didn’t punish the U.S.A. for having slavery for decades he won’t punish us for allowing love to flourish.

If God didn’t punish the U.S.A. for becoming the Imperialists the Filipinos had to quietly resist, he won’t punish humanity for us redefining marriage, despite the fact that we’ve done that before, and will probably do it again prior to the inevitable end of mankind.

If God didn’t punish the U.S.A. for forcing Japanese Americans into interment camps, and in fact apparently actively rewarded us by working to ensure the USA is the first country to get the Atomic Bomb which we’d later drop on the Japanese civilian population, he won’t punish us for working to enable love to be recognized in a variety of genders.

If God didn’t punish us for kicking out a democratically elected president in Guatemala, he won’t punish us for ensuring that to an extent ALL of our citizens are seen equally in the face of the law when it comes to marriage.

The Idea that a genuinely all-good, all-powerful, and all-knowing deity deciding to punish us as a society because we decided that people who are attracted to the same sex should be able to marry that sex, BUT not for the variety of mistakes/generally just awful things we actually made/did as a society is utterly laughable.

It’s sad when an Atheist thinks more of your God than you do. And trust me, if God is real and he is exactly what he says he is, he won’t/wouldn’t have a problem with the USA being just a bit more tolerant/accepting of homosexuality. The USA has certainly made mistakes, but this right here, this decision by the Supreme Court, isn’t one of them. The USA just took a small step towards rejoining other developed and advanced nations. And towards a more fair society.

The Wrath of God and Marriage Equality

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