Post about Democrats running for President.

5 Democrats are running for President. Only heard of Sanders, Clinton, and O’Malley? You aren’t alone. So I wanted to make this little post about the 5 of them, including the big two, Sanders and Clinton.

1: Bernie Sanders. Who is he? He’s the junior senator of Vermont, and an Independent.
Pros: He’s progressive. In virtually every single issue. Virtually. That’s an important word here.
Con: He doesn’t have faith in gun control. That is surprising to a lot of people, and might actually help him win some 2nd amendment people. He has protected the gun manufacturers, not just gun owners. For someone who is seriously progressive, and has a RECORD demonstrating his progressiveness in virtually every other issue, this could appeal to some, and will undoubtedly push others away. I’ll be posting some sources here, but to be fair, he is still far more progressive than the others, and the statements he has made on guns, make sense.

2: Hillary Clinton. Who is she? Former Secretary of State, Former First Lady, and Former Senator of New York.
Pros: She knows what popular stances are on virtually every issue. She has an immense amount of experience, in a wide variety of careers. She knows how to appeal to people.
Cons: She changes positions easily. She is a “populist” in the worst sense of the word, wherein she changes positions to reflect the interests of the people, in the attention seeking way that such actions can be construed as.

3: Martin O’Malley. Who is he? Governor of Maryland.

Pros: He is a solid Democrat. He’s progressive, in a lot of different ways, and has among other things: fought to end the death penalty (I am in the middle, towards ending the death penalty weirdly enough), in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants, and marriage equality.

Cons: He doesn’t seem to be taken very seriously. Additionally, Baltimore was changed by his tenure as mayor. He and his supporters argue that things have improved (a statement that has been supported by quite a few articles on him), but there are still some issues. He’s largely a black-horse, due to the lack of overall name recognition.

4: Lincoln Chaffee. He is a former governor of Rhode Island.

Pros: He is seemingly a person of some integrity. He switched parties, and was according to some “the last Liberal Republican”, switching parties in 2007 (he was a Republican, became an Independent). He voted against using force to oust Saddam Hussein, and was supposedly the only Republican to do so.

Cons: Virtually no name recognition. At all. Not a serious contender unless he does something to gain a huge amount of attention.

5: Jim Webb. Former Senator of Virginia.

Pros: He has a “radical” agenda for the future of drug-use policies. (I’m being sarcastic, “radical” in this instance means an actual intelligent plan for the future of drug-policy legislation).

Cons: Same as Chaffee.

Sources: (on the candidates in the same order as listed above)






Post about Democrats running for President.

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