A Translation of an Honest Amazing Article on Juan Orlando and the Protests rocking the country

Going to translate an excellent article by Alexandria Hidalgo. I’d love your thoughts!

Mr. President:

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for the outraged citizens of Honduras. I don’t want to be misinterpreted/misunderstood as someone who is against the National Party. I, like many citizens, am outraged and am not against a particular political institution but rather the corruption which imperils our way of life and our government.

Unlike the citizens who attend the marches that you promote, the outraged citizens are not defined by a political party, as a matter of fact I have excellent friends who are supporters of the National Party who also feel outraged and support our non-partisan marches. And for that I thank you Mr. President, because your actions have united the citizens, we don’t just belong to X or Y political party or even no political party.

I thank you for your domestic version of the CICIH in which you galvanized even more people into joining our movement. I thank your advisers for the false declarations aimed at peaceful protests which resulted in even more eyes opening and made us more alert. The outraged citizens now work towards a culture of peace and tolerance, Mr. President.

This is no longer a youth movement, now this is a movement of the citizens in the middle class with diverse ways of thinking but who have maintained a common goal which has caused us to understand each other and integrate. Mr. President the middle class has emerged in defense of the victims of the IHSS and in defense of our very nation. We have appeared in the name of justice and in the name of truth. We want results. We want the IHSS.

Thank you Mr. President because thanks to your coordination with the media and your attempts to hide the truth from us through your campaigns you have made us experts at jumping fences (unsure of this part), you have made us stronger, have made the world listen to us through our efforts to block you, you have helped us find a sense of purpose, complete with values and identities.

Thank you Mr. President because through your perception games and lack of moral values you have shown us, we the Citizens are more conscious of familial values. You, without meaning too, have contributed to large brushstrokes to the regeneration of the social tissue (social consciousness). Who’d have guessed? Thanks to you we have built trust and confidence among ourselves, so that when we fail we know who we hurt.

Thanks to your attempts to ignore and discredit us we have grown into a movement that can check and correct itself. You yourself with your “fall whoever may” campaign cannot get what we have. This appeared through Outraged Citizens. Thanks to your constant ignoring of us, of our wishes, we know that reciprocity doesn’t exist between the two of us, the citizens and the government.

Mr. President, I am very grateful to you because you have united the citizens. Our cohesion becomes greater as you make statements concerning the situation, as our protests go on longer and longer, more and more citizens join us. I am especially surprised by your ability to refuse to give credit to the public outcry.

I am also grateful to your negativity, because it gives consciousness to more people. I am going to clarify some ideas from the general public, even though you likely already know about them.

Question: Is it difficult to establish the CICIH in Honduras?

Answer: Nope, there’s four steps.
1: Hernandez appeals to the UN to help establish the CICIH.
2: The UN and the Honduran government convene to establish the terms of the CICIH. There’s already a simple model, the one in Guatemala (the CICIG)
3: Ban Ki Moon and Hernandez sign the CICIH into existence.
4: The Congress ratifies the agreement.

Question: How much would a CICIH cost?

Answer: In Honduras, nothing. It is financed by international donations.

Question: Why does the CICIH matter so much?

Answer: Because the CICIH is a solution to our institutional weakness. The IHSS scandal isn’t the illness itself, rather it is a symptom of the illness. The Illness is impunity. A CICIH is a proven weapon/medicine that can deal blows to administrative impunity, in the highest levels of a nation and inspire the people of the nation to unite and combat corruption.

Source: http://www.tiempo.hn/amobi/Items/view/38907

That was an amazing article! I personally think it’s the best I’ve translated to date! What an inspiring read, by an excellent writer! Let’s work to combat corruption together, by remaining aware and spreading awareness through our social media accounts! It is only one small way we can combat corruption and impunity, but by remaining aware, we can fight laziness within ourselves and inspire others to not surrender to temptation.

Together we can inspire positive change šŸ™‚ Stay Informed and Stay Positive!

A Translation of an Honest Amazing Article on Juan Orlando and the Protests rocking the country

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