Untitled, tiny, Flash-Fiction

“I watch you walk away” The voice of Killswitch Engage lead vocalist for “My Curse” Howard Jones sings into my headphones, as I relax. A train is currently taking me from one part of Metro City to another, and it has only just begun to move. Quietly, I allow myself to enjoy the music being transmitted to my ears, through my headphones and I chuckle as I begin to read the news.

The train I’m on roars across magnetic tracks, zooming across the city in a trip scheduled to be over in a few minutes. Peace is an odd sensation for a writer. This is one of those moments of “peace”. “Peace” to some is when there is no conflict. For a writer “peace” is equal to stability. Right now, I could allow myself to feel at peace, at home. And this is related to the fact that I am in possession of things not many writers possess: a regular job (by which I mean regular writing assignments which enable me to easily pay my mortgage), more than enough money to be able to buy food, and various licenses and skills enabling me to do one-time shifts of a multitude of jobs whenever I felt like it or someone offered a real incentive for me to do so.

Of course these things are not always enough to guarantee any form of real safety. In fact nothing can truly guarantee safety. Which is something I’m reminded of, when the train I’m riding on, a supposedly unstoppable “technological marvel”, is rudely lifted off of the tracks and lifted into the air. Around me I hear people screaming as they begin to fall towards the back of their respective train-cars. Thankfully my train-car is more or less abandoned, aside from robots acting as staff. I feel myself start to slide off of my seat, and for a second I focus, before digging in my heels, to the metal floor underneath my feet basically magnetizing myself so I don’t slide anywhere I wouldn’t want to be. “Damn… I wonder what’s going on outside?” I say quietly, as I make sure I am as secure as I can be. It’s easy enough for me to figure out what’s going on, especially as the train begins to rotate, something that would be a serious issue to anyone who wouldn’t secure themselves to the floor of the train through magnetism or any other measure such as self-sustained flight.

Magnetism is a grade B+ ability, especially when it can be freely applied to anyone, or anything, by the “author” of the power. Its use is somewhat regulated by Metro-City PD and the Metro-City Welfare Association, and those who have the power are given a small stipend check to tempt them into behaving well, and occasionally going out of their way to assist with some act of construction, or maintenance. In my case, I go out of my way to hide my ability, acting as a regular author, the old-kind, and only using my power when I deem it worth the trouble. A robbery, merits the usage of my ability. At least to me anyway. Slowly I begin to walk towards the end of my train-car. The train is being suspended in a way a walking stick is used, vertically, so this makes for a fascinating, yet rather slow, walk. “These idiotic villains, getting in the way of hard-working citizens” I grumble to myself, as I climb/walk up the train-car one step at a time. By the time I reach the halfway-point I feel beads of sweat begin to drip down my forehead, both the usage of my power and the physical exertion associated with climbing a sheer vertical surface getting to me. Momentarily I begin to wonder if I should get back in shape. I make a mental note to renew my gym-membership when this over, and continue my climb, reaching the top within a few more minutes. I use my magnetism to remotely and quietly manipulate the door, opening it as stealthily as I can, given I am opening a door.

I seem to do it successfully, because the conversation that enters through the doorway, muffled to the point of near-silence previously thanks to the door, now enables me to begin to identify my enemy, the man who was suspending the train. “I cannot believe we have to do this, Doctor Inferno.” The man said to his colleague. The moments that I was manipulating the door enabled me to get a fleeting glimpse at my apparent enemy, a regal looking man dressed in a suit and tie, suspended on a platform of metal, whose focus was split between holding the train in his grip, and ensuring his platform didn’t fall. I curse internally. Given the apparent composition of his platform, a metallic substance, perhaps giant pieces of scrap metal fused together through his power or simple welding, and the way he was not having a terrible amount of difficult with holding the entire train in his grip, I assumed he possessed a very powerful form of remote magnetism. If I was right, than he was the most powerful person capable of using remote manipulation of ANY type I’d ever seen, aside from Captain Gaia on T.V., the strongest super-heroine in the Hero-Association.

I audibly cursed, as the villain began to pull the train out from over the tracks, where it had been suspended previously, and began to draw it out into the open-air, suspending it over the ocean. Metro City was made up of two islands, with the train-tracks connecting them, and the open ocean below half of those tracks. The train I was on was suspended over the ocean. And I knew what the man planned to do with the evidence of his heist. I chuckled grimly as I realized this meant I’d have to go out and confront the villain. I didn’t know if any other superheroes, or even allies of the H.A. knew about this. I could assume they did, but many magnetism using heroes and villains could remotely jam communications. So I decided to man-up, and throw myself out into the open-air, and into a confrontation with a villain.

“I really hate being a hero sometimes.” I said loudly, as I flung myself out of the train-car, and landed gently on top of the door I had moved remotely, remotely moving it back into place, and locking it so I could stand on it. “Villain, I, ‘The Steel-Smasher’ have arrived to put you in your place!” I shouted as I mentally “grabbed” a train-car, one of the first ones and violently flung it at him, the suddenness of my actions overwhelming his mental grasp on it.

What do you think of this? I liked writing it, and might write more. But I like writing little blurbs like this. This was inspired by Boku No Hero Academia, a manga set in a universe where virtually everyone has superpowers. If you like it, check out my writing page, Luciano Joshua Gonzalez Vega (on Facebook)​ πŸ™‚ Have an awesome weekend everyone!

Untitled, tiny, Flash-Fiction

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