Honest Honduran News

A repost from Tumblr, but one I think will be liked on here.

Gonna write something “not cool” first.

“Not Cool”: I’m sorry for posting so much about Honest Honduran News on here. But Honest Honduran News is my dream. It’s my ambition. I am dedicated to helping Honduras, the place I consider home, and if I am using my skills to the maximum of their potential that means I have to do something wherein I can make full use of my skills as someone who is bilingual, who writes regularly, who has the skills of a young historian, and as a young man who just wants to see the world learn. But I am “grinding”. I am “honing my craft”. Each day I translate articles originally written in Spanish, to English, so that people who want to learn about Honduras and don’t speak Spanish get that chance. Each day I learn more and more about the place I call home. Each day I work to ensure that Honest Honduran News gets a bit more name recognition. Each day I silently hope that someone sees my network and thinks, even in passing, “that’s cool. I hope that guy gets lucky and people decide to help him out”. I know it is probably annoying to see so much “Honduras” on your dashboards, but you have to understand that I see so much ignorance when it comes to my home. I see a lot of people not knowing why San Pedro Sula is so dangerous. I see so many unaware of the 2009 coup. Or of Miguel Facusse’s violence towards the people in the Bajo Aguan. Or people not knowing that abortion in Honduras is a crime with a heavy sentence. I see people celebrating Roatan, and people loving Copan, but only a few people wanting to help out the Lenca, or aware of Randy Jorgensen’s pressure on Afro-Honduran communities to sell or give up their land for his touristic resorts. And I am working on changing that. I am doing my best to build up an excellent network.

Wanna know something cool? My Facebook network “Honest Honduran News” grows every day. It is creeping up on 300 members.

And here’s the cooler part: I want to become the owner of the first viable multimedia network in Honduras that operates primarily in English. And this is actually something that could happen. The reason why this could happen is because of the MASSIVE growth the group has experienced it’s entire existence. Each day more and more people join. And the OVERWHELMING majority of those people live in Honduras. Specifically the Islands, because those are the touristic locations, and those are the locations wherein many people who work in the tourism/hospitality industries and of those individuals hundreds, maybe even thousands speak English as a first language and some don’t even speak Spanish, at all.

Here’s the coolest part (in my mind at least): You can help out. You can join my network. You can work with me, helping me find articles (no matter what the language), for me to post to my network. You can join the network. We can work to help the world learn. We can work to end ignorance, and apathy, regardless of the language. We can work together to help Honduras become a better place, a place with more investment, more opportunities, more education. Let’s work together! And let’s learn together. 🙂

Check out the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HonestHonduranNews/

Honest Honduran News

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