Municipal Corruption in Honduras

Santa Barbara, a city in Honduras is currently in really bad shape. Or it will be. The government isn’t looking kindly at the city, after it was revealed that the previous mayor Thelma Iris Lopez spent 11 million of the 14.5 million lempiras that she was given, to make sure the city had all of the money it needed to fulfill it’s most vital needs, on undocumented things, but most decidedly NOT on what they were meant for. It’s also worth noting that she spent this money in roughly 25 days. How absurd is that?

Juan Alvarado, her successor as mayor of Santa Barbara, was stunned to find that he couldn’t come up with the funds for everything. He was also unable to pay back the transfer when he was supposed, which angered the government which now seems to be considering not sending Santa Barbara much needed funds.

This is a terrible example of governmental corruption in Honduras. Mrs. Lopez basically embezzled the money, money worth over half a million US dollars. However another article published today by La Prensa, says that the total embezzlement of funds by municipalities surpasses 520,000,000 lempiras, an amount totaling over 23 MILLION US DOLLARS. This is from the past 5 years, from 2010-2015. That is an absolutely terrifying amount. If we pretend that the amount of dollars embezzled each year is equal, then that’d amount to over 4 million dollars a year. That is… a tremendous amount of money, wasted.

The article in La Prensa talks about the actual amount per year (in Lempiras obviously), and it comes too 41.9 million in 2010, 142.6 million in 2011, 135.6 in 2012, 94.1 million in 2013, and 106.5 in 2014.

This is the sort of corruption Honduras faces. This is the sort of wasteful government that Hondurans flee from each year, and is exactly what Hondurans are currently protesting against. Imagine how the world would react, if facts like this were readily known and talked about.


Municipal Corruption in Honduras

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