Positive News Network!

So Jessica and I know quite a few people who ignore the news because they are tired of the negativity of it. So we’ve made it our mission to end that attitude by starting up a network that is dedicated to positive news to get people to be more interested in news and in doing research.

We as a society cannot afford to become apathetic towards media and towards journalism. I think both negative and positive news serve important needs, and that both are equally valid, but the Positive News Network is dedicated specifically to positive news from all over the world. The videos will certainly be amateurish, especially in the beginning, but we don’t claim to have fancy equipment, or knowledge concerning video making. We’re just two college students with a goal and with some positive stories to share with you! 

We’re actively attempting to do something about all of the negativity that we see. We’re two inspired college students and we want to inspire you as well! Both of us know the importance of leadership, and of positive-energy and we want to instill both of those things in you. Right now we’re some college kids with a computer that has a web-camera, but who knows where/what we could be in the future! We want to lead the world in a more positive direction, and we’re actively beginning to do just that.

We both want you to know that we’re super excited about this and really want your help. We want to motivate you, and get you to assist us by sharing super cool, super happy stories, from all over the world!

Check us out! I’d love to see what you think. 🙂

Positive News Network!

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