Story Time!

“The Harvard v. Patterson case is the first case in history in which human science has been able to effectively demonstrate that a… spirit of some sort entered a human body, and for lack of a better term forced out the original ‘soul’ within, and inhabited the body for the sake of experiencing the physical world! The ruling of the Supreme Court has created a historical precedent for determining how to rule on cases related to the supernatural beings that universally accepted science cannot yet fully explain.” The T.V. was one of the many in the building which was playing news coverage of one of the most significant Supreme Court cases in living memory, the first ever case in which science and technology were able to reliably show and convince a court that a spirit of some sort was able to dominate a living body that had an original “soul” and had removed that “soul” somehow.
Current theories range on how it was done, and how to “define” the nature of the spirit that had done it. Some wanted to call spirits who provided some sort of incentive “angels” and others wanted to define more vicious and arrogant spirits “demons” but both were unable to clearly define what made each spirit an “angel” or a “demon”.

Story Time!

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