Honduran Excellence and why it matters.

I want #Honduranexcellence to trend. And there is a reason I want it to trend. Honduras is becoming a more trendy topic, it’s becoming more and more popular to talk about Honduras in a remarkably limited sense. The people of Honduras are actively and openly marching against corruption quite regularly, every week. But that isn’t what I think #Honduranexcellence should be about. I think Honduran Excellence should be about exceptional Hondurans, who live in all corners of the world, whose work transcends Honduras, and is recognized globally. These are individuals like Luis Bogran a Honduran working for N.A.S.A., Skarleth Chincilla a student studying agricultural engineering whose research project earned heavy praised in the USA, Luis Orellana who is working on a device to help the blind gain a bit of independence when it comes to travelling, Madeleine Rodriguez and her fight against dengue. These individuals are fantastic young people who were raised in Honduras and studied in Honduras. Honduran excellence isn’t just a tribute to Honduran young people, it’s a tribute to Honduran education, and to Honduran compassion.

Honduras is far more than just corruption scandals and murder rates, and Hondurans know this, and educated English speakers know this, but #Honduranexcellence is meant to show the world the potential within Honduras. Honduran Excellence is meant to shine a magnifying glass on a place of brightness, that many mistakenly believe to be dark. But I believe in Honduran Excellence. I spend time translating articles by Honduran sources trust me, there is plenty to be optimistic about. But if we can make Honduran excellence more popular more people will believe me.

I hope I can contribute to the popularity of Honduran Excellence, by discussing these individuals in English. I hope that one day language won’t be a barrier to actually critically examining Honduras, and having an interest in the nation.

Honduran Excellence and why it matters.

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