Why am I progressive?

If I’m being brief and to the point: as a historian I have at least some knowledge of how things were. And I believe they could be better in the future, which is exactly why I don’t want things to remain the way they’ve been traditionally.

If I have more time, and can explain in detail why I think the way I do, I’d say this: I believe in a far more perfect union than the one that currently exists. I believe in liberty, and equality, and I believe that those things can be obtained with assistance from the government. I agree with Jon Stewart and what he said at the rally to restore sanity that these are “hard times but not end times”. I believe in a future where citizens of both the United States and Honduras can come to trust their government representatives. I believe that an alliance between the government and civil society is absolutely crucial to success, and that a government can be just, honest, and genuinely earn the pride that some people have in government, and in their nation, whatever that nation might be.

I believe in a government that understands its citizens and supports them. And I believe in a society where people look to the government and see friends, see their peers, individuals who are looking out for them. I am a progressive. I am an individual who admires the ideals of government, a government that works for the people, to keep them safe from external and internal foes, physical enemies like criminals and corrupt politicians, concepts that cause us fear such as poverty, and conditions which hurt us such as hunger, homelessness, thirst. I want to work with the government, whenever I am, to help reestablish trust and respect between ordinary people and representatives of the government. I want to work to change the way people view their elected officials from the “lesser of two evils” too the “genuinely the best option”.

I’m a progressive. I believe in the government. And I believe that governments can afford accountability. I believe that we as a society can hold politicians accountable. I believe that we as citizens can work with the government to make our nations great, once again, both the United States, and Honduras.


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