Feels Good Man.

Intriguing title right? Well it is an honest one. Today my newsgroup surpassed 350 members. Nearly as many people as there are in a year. And closer, and closer, to 400. It surpassed the 350 threshold, which was one it was stepping on for about 2 days, which to me, the administrator, is a lengthy amount of time, because of someone who added his friends. I sent this person a thank you message, and his response reminds me of why I do what it is that I do.

He is an Islander. A man who lives outside of mainland Honduras, but still is a Honduran citizen, he was born and raised on Roatan, one of the most visited vacation islands in the world. I messaged him, thanking him for adding his friends which is something I try to do whenever someone invites their friends to my group, and his response really made me happy.

He said he barely knows any Spanish. There’s a stereotype that everyone in Honduras knows Spanish, which plenty of people know is untrue. Islanders, especially those who live on Roatan, do not particularly need to know Spanish, in their day to day lives. Some schools even teach in English, or in very rare cases in the Indigenous language belonging to the people who live near the school. I created Honest Honduran News for people in Honduras who don’t know Spanish, or aren’t fluent in it. I’d like for Honest Honduran News to potentially become the Honduran version of Telemundo or Univision. But obviously in English.

He even said that he’s learned a lot through my translations and the fact that I use Honduran sources as well as English ones which happen to post about Honduras. He enjoys the things that I post, and my opinion articles, because I’ve taken time out of my day to create accessible, and normally reliable (I once posted a story that was entirely fictional, created on purpose to stir up anger, by another country, about a protest in Honduras that in the untrue story went awry when police came and fired tear gas. To be fair, reports occurred in the next two weeks of “controlled” opposition that went into the protests and almost set off tear gas, and then the week later, some rogue individuals beat up protesters who were on a hunger strike, and then a month later police got violent with protesters in the capital, who were trying to get “to close” to the presidential house), content. That right there… is why I do what I do. I aim to educate. I aim to inform people about things going on throughout the country.

Yesterday I posted an original article I wrote for Journalister, about coverage of Honduran events in English media, and I got compliments. This has been a fantastic past 48 hours. Thanks to the efforts of people who enjoy Honest Honduran News, we’ve managed to add 6 people in the past 45 minutes. At this rate we might just hit 365 before classes start on Monday. And that is… nothing short of amazing.

My motivation is the creation of a legitimate multimedia group that reliably, and consistently produces news related content in English, in Honduras. And tiny achievements like this, keep me going. They are a gigantic motivator for me to push harder, translate better, recruit more, and do even better each day I can. I am… feeling great guys.

Feels Good Man.

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