Wanna hear about my politics? Sure, why not.

I’m a Democrat in the United States.

In Honduras I would be considered part of LIBRE, with sympathies for the PAC (Partido Anti-Corrupcion).

I’m a moderate pretty much everywhere else.

I support tax cuts for the poor, for the middle class, and strict taxes on the rich. I support intelligent gun restrictions, and LGTBQ rights across the broad. I’m an avid supporter of the rights of Indigenous communities, particularly as it relates to land in both the United States and Honduras.

I support universal access to education, and the movement to make universities tuition free. I am also a feminist, and a supporter of creating opportunities for youth, especially jobs. I support laws and movements which increase voter turnout, and I am a voice for change.

I’m a progressive.

I’m a politically minded person. Are you?


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