Access to College and Politics

The Democrats are not perfect. Not even remotely. But they are better than the alternative. Especially on the issue of student debt.

We, as students in college, cannot afford to forget that Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton, and Martin O’Malley have come up with approaches too making colleges affordable. But it isn’t just those individuals and it isn’t just student debt from tuition and housing, it’s also Richard Durbin. Richard Durbin, of Illinois, and Franken of Minnesota, with the Affordable College Textbook Act, which was shot down in Congress in late 2013. Another, similar bill, was introduced in the House, by Democrats Ruben Hinojosa of Texas, and George Miller of California. They didn’t pass.

Researching the Affordable College Textbook act reveals that ALL of it’s cosponsors were democrats. The bill in the House of Representatives had 47 Democratic Co-Sponsors. To be fair, the E-Book Access Act, introduced in March of 2014, by Suzan DelBene had a Republican Cosponsor, Richard Hanna, but also died in Congress. But the College Access Act, by Al Franken had no Cosponsors and died in Congress.

The reality is, the group that cares about improving the accessibility of college is the Democrats. Not just the Presidential Candidates, but MANY Democrats in the House and the Senate. We, the students in college need to remember who is really on our side.

Chris Christie said that debt is a part of the college experience, and that we who want a college degree should “earn it” which apparently entitles us to… debt, because you know, studying and earning the grades isn’t enough for him apparently. It’d be nice if we applied that logic to big businesses, given that he himself has given plenty of tax cuts to the wealthy. What Christie, and undoubtedly many of the modern Republican party want is the students to finance the wealthy, because the more tax cuts they get, the more we have to pay.

Students should be able to go to college, and not sweat about debt, or at the very least not debt because we’re pursuing an education. Don’t forget who wants to make our lives a bit easier.


Access to College and Politics