Big Updates

1: Honest Honduran News has hit 600 members, as of yesterday. I’m super excited to see what the future holds as I continue developing an excellent community of people who truly want to see what Honduras is actually like, and not just read what big English publications think matters the most, or would make the most money.

2: I am now a leader at Honduras News, which isn’t the same as Honest Honduran News. I write daily and am their youngest writer!

3: Honduras Weekly is now pretty fairly known and acknowledged to be dead. The editor has basically retired from the “Honduras” scene, especially as it relates to journalism.

What this really signals, that both Honduras News and Honduras Weekly fundamentally changed over the course of the past few weeks, is that it is time for another leader to step up and step into the spotlight. I don’t know if that’s me or not, but because of my role in making sure there was constant coverage of events in Honduras, in English, I was able to get a group to 600 in the space of 5 months. With this my group has gotten more than 25% of the audience of Honduras Weekly’s Facebook group. It’s awesome that the group has grown so much in such a short time. I believe by the time a year rolls around, we might well be bigger than Honduras Weekly, which would be a tremendous achievement.

My mission is to ensure that as many people as possible have access to information about Honduras. And that means promoting Honduras in languages that aren’t Spanish. I want to work to make what goes in Honduras part of the “common knowledge” that people living in the same country all collectively know. I wanna make conversations about Honduras a common occurrence.

I’ve suddenly become a leader with actual “authority”, and a bit of influence, and it feels odd. It feels odd to suddenly realize how few competitors there are. And just how many (because it is many. At least two thousand.) people want to know what is going on.

Just like Honduras This Week, Honduras News, and Honduras Weekly, Honest Honduran News will become successful. I’ve no doubt that I can be successful in this task, even if it is extremely challenging to do so.

From Honduras This Week, to Honduras News, to Honduras Weekly, to Honest Honduran News, in the past 16 years the men and women responsible for providing consistent coverage of events in Honduras, in English have constantly changed. But for now, I hope you’ll join me as I strive to become a reasonable and rational leader, and someone who works tirelessly to ┬ámake sure the place I greatly admire has accurate coverage in the media.

I’d love to know what you think! Remember to stay informed and to stay positive.

Big Updates