A Military Child Responds to Mike Huckabee

Is the purpose of the military to kill people and break things? Because Mike Huckabee seems to think so.

The Military is far from perfect, but in my experiences as a child of the military with two parents who are veterans, I’d say that the purpose of the military is to protect people. I’d say the purpose of the military is to help people. The military helps ensure that veterans have access to health care, and the opportunity to get an education. The military is a family.

The purpose of the military is not to “kill people and break things”. The Military, in an ideal world would exist as a defensive shield against threats both foreign and domestic. Our world might not be ideal, but I’ll actively argue against ANYONE who says that the military exists solely to kill people and break things. All Huckabee did in that statement is reveal his own nature as an imperialist, who views soldiers as tools of destruction and beings who foster hate, not heroes who risk their lives to ensure that I and all of my friends can go to school, that we are protected against anyone who’d otherwise happily slaughter us, and destroy our way of life. The Military has the potential to become the embodiment of the perfect union, a place where people are not defined by their birth, gender, religion, nationality, sexuality, or anything other than their desire to protect freedom and democracy.

The military could actually be the perfect “social experiment”, because the military is an existence like the United States should be, a place where everyone who surrounds you has a common goal. In the U.S. it is to have a good, and happy life, in the military that common goal is to ensure that OTHERS can have a good and happy life. In the military equality should be the order of the day, it shouldn’t matter if you’re cis or trans, what should matter is that you are filled with a patriotic duty, and love for your country and that has nothing to do with your gender.

I, as a military child who is in college thanks to the sacrifices of my family, by virtue of my own existence, prove how just wrong Huckabee is when he makes his idiotic statement about the “purpose” of the military. Do not believe Huckabee. Do not fall for his lies. The military exists to protect freedom, at the very least at its core, even if politicians revel in using it for malicious reasons. I believe the military and that the soldiers who’ve given so much for this country should all universally condemn his statements. None of the soldiers I know joined the military to “kill people and break things”. Even if they let their hate get the worst of them, they don’t see themselves as destroyers, but rather as protectors. If Huckabee got his way, the veterans of our nation could well be turned into tools used by an imperialist, to sow chaos and hatred around the world. Do not let him do what he wants. It’s time that all of us who can vote come together, and show Huckabee that the lives of our veterans matter more than whatever he wants from the Middle East, and from the world.

Mike Huckabee got it wrong. I hope that the results of the Republican Primary show him how bad he screwed up.

A Military Child Responds to Mike Huckabee