Big Updates

1: Honest Honduran News has hit 600 members, as of yesterday. I’m super excited to see what the future holds as I continue developing an excellent community of people who truly want to see what Honduras is actually like, and not just read what big English publications think matters the most, or would make the most money.

2: I am now a leader at Honduras News, which isn’t the same as Honest Honduran News. I write daily and am their youngest writer!

3: Honduras Weekly is now pretty fairly known and acknowledged to be dead. The editor has basically retired from the “Honduras” scene, especially as it relates to journalism.

What this really signals, that both Honduras News and Honduras Weekly fundamentally changed over the course of the past few weeks, is that it is time for another leader to step up and step into the spotlight. I don’t know if that’s me or not, but because of my role in making sure there was constant coverage of events in Honduras, in English, I was able to get a group to 600 in the space of 5 months. With this my group has gotten more than 25% of the audience of Honduras Weekly’s Facebook group. It’s awesome that the group has grown so much in such a short time. I believe by the time a year rolls around, we might well be bigger than Honduras Weekly, which would be a tremendous achievement.

My mission is to ensure that as many people as possible have access to information about Honduras. And that means promoting Honduras in languages that aren’t Spanish. I want to work to make what goes in Honduras part of the “common knowledge” that people living in the same country all collectively know. I wanna make conversations about Honduras a common occurrence.

I’ve suddenly become a leader with actual “authority”, and a bit of influence, and it feels odd. It feels odd to suddenly realize how few competitors there are. And just how many (because it is many. At least two thousand.) people want to know what is going on.

Just like Honduras This Week, Honduras News, and Honduras Weekly, Honest Honduran News will become successful. I’ve no doubt that I can be successful in this task, even if it is extremely challenging to do so.

From Honduras This Week, to Honduras News, to Honduras Weekly, to Honest Honduran News, in the past 16 years the men and women responsible for providing consistent coverage of events in Honduras, in English have constantly changed. But for now, I hope you’ll join me as I strive to become a reasonable and rational leader, and someone who works tirelessly to  make sure the place I greatly admire has accurate coverage in the media.

I’d love to know what you think! Remember to stay informed and to stay positive.

Big Updates

Honest Honduran News

A repost from Tumblr, but one I think will be liked on here.

Gonna write something “not cool” first.

“Not Cool”: I’m sorry for posting so much about Honest Honduran News on here. But Honest Honduran News is my dream. It’s my ambition. I am dedicated to helping Honduras, the place I consider home, and if I am using my skills to the maximum of their potential that means I have to do something wherein I can make full use of my skills as someone who is bilingual, who writes regularly, who has the skills of a young historian, and as a young man who just wants to see the world learn. But I am “grinding”. I am “honing my craft”. Each day I translate articles originally written in Spanish, to English, so that people who want to learn about Honduras and don’t speak Spanish get that chance. Each day I learn more and more about the place I call home. Each day I work to ensure that Honest Honduran News gets a bit more name recognition. Each day I silently hope that someone sees my network and thinks, even in passing, “that’s cool. I hope that guy gets lucky and people decide to help him out”. I know it is probably annoying to see so much “Honduras” on your dashboards, but you have to understand that I see so much ignorance when it comes to my home. I see a lot of people not knowing why San Pedro Sula is so dangerous. I see so many unaware of the 2009 coup. Or of Miguel Facusse’s violence towards the people in the Bajo Aguan. Or people not knowing that abortion in Honduras is a crime with a heavy sentence. I see people celebrating Roatan, and people loving Copan, but only a few people wanting to help out the Lenca, or aware of Randy Jorgensen’s pressure on Afro-Honduran communities to sell or give up their land for his touristic resorts. And I am working on changing that. I am doing my best to build up an excellent network.

Wanna know something cool? My Facebook network “Honest Honduran News” grows every day. It is creeping up on 300 members.

And here’s the cooler part: I want to become the owner of the first viable multimedia network in Honduras that operates primarily in English. And this is actually something that could happen. The reason why this could happen is because of the MASSIVE growth the group has experienced it’s entire existence. Each day more and more people join. And the OVERWHELMING majority of those people live in Honduras. Specifically the Islands, because those are the touristic locations, and those are the locations wherein many people who work in the tourism/hospitality industries and of those individuals hundreds, maybe even thousands speak English as a first language and some don’t even speak Spanish, at all.

Here’s the coolest part (in my mind at least): You can help out. You can join my network. You can work with me, helping me find articles (no matter what the language), for me to post to my network. You can join the network. We can work to help the world learn. We can work to end ignorance, and apathy, regardless of the language. We can work together to help Honduras become a better place, a place with more investment, more opportunities, more education. Let’s work together! And let’s learn together. 🙂

Check out the group:

Honest Honduran News

Honest Honduran News.

Today’s been exciting. I announced the beginning of a new group, Honest Honduran News, and got over 30 responses in the space of 5 hours. This is a quick post talking about the HHN prior to me going to bed.

The HHN is my response to the BBC’s article on La Chiki, a Honduran YouTuber who is apparently more news-worthy than the Honduran Constitutional Crisis which is on-going. I’m tired of the shitty ass news articles that are posted by major media publications about events going on in Honduras. And it is clear that I’m not alone in how I feel given the strength of the positive reactions which met my announcement. It probably helps that almost every day I post on Honduras Weekly about news in Honduras. But still the strength of the response which met me was shocking.

But you might be asking, what I want to do with the HHN. Well I want to challenge major media machines. I want to force them to improve the quality of their articles. I want to force them to address the issues facing Hondurans in their articles on Honduras. I want to force them to stop writing such weak articles on Honduras for the sake of making a quick buck off of my country. I want to make them step up their journalistic game.

I also want to contribute to the conversation about Honduras. I want to reach out to groups interested in Honduras and talk to them about the problems plaguing Honduras. I want them to know the truth, no matter how good or bad that truth might be. I want to create a community and an organization devoted to the notion that non-Spanish speakers deserve honest, reliable, resources about Honduras.

Here’s a bit of an overview I wrote earlier and posted on Facebook.

I’m in the process of creating a group of dedicated writers who want to challenge the way English media reports on Honduras.

Our mission is to challenge the massive media corporations who see Honduras as a place to write short articles and make a quick buck. Our mission is to educate English-speakers and other non-Spanish speakers when it comes to Honduras. We want to exist as an alternative to Fox, New York Times, BBC, the Guardian, and other major media corporations who rarely address our country, and when they do they don’t go far enough.

We want to operate both in Honduras, and in other places, where Hondurans live, and we want to work to promote awareness of the conditions our countrymen face. We want to challenge the narrative that Hondurans don’t want change. We want to demonstrate Honduran excellence. We want to connect Hondurans all over the world and remind everyone that Honduras exists, and that it’s people are a people who live perpetually in danger, but don’t succumb to it. That we as a society are more than victims, we are survivors, we are warriors, we are a country with promise, one that faces danger but doesn’t lose hope.

We are tired of our country being talked about by people who don’t care about us. By people who don’t talk to us directly and instead talk ABOUT us as if we don’t exist.

I want to get people involved, both Honduran and not Honduran, who already have a great level of awareness, and are completely new to the conversation. I do want to have a business in Honduras, that I can use to help Hondurans who want opportunities, who want the chance to flourish, who want hope.

If you would like to know more, about us, about the group, and about our mission, “like” or comment on this status!”

If you are interested, let me know! I’d absolutely love to chat with you! 🙂 Lets change the way the world talks about Honduras. Together.

Honest Honduran News.