Updates: LAMMP, The Hispanic Atheist, and Mythology Monday’s.

Hey! So some updates. First of all, prepare yourself for link, after link, after link.

I run The Hispanic Atheist on Facebook and Free Thought Blogs. Both of these are developments that have occurred between my last post and now. I also do Mythology Monday’s and you can check out my newest one (the Cocollona from Girona Spain) by clicking here.

My YouTube channel is a thing as well. I want to try and make videos regularly, but I am someone who has trouble with videos. Although I do lots of stuff online, which is text/blogging based.

I’m a senior in college. And to many people my age and older that alone will be enough of an explanation for my absence. But I truly love WordPress (so much so that both Free Thought Blogs and Postize where you can find my writing either are or have been WordPress powered sites.) and I want to get back into the habit of posting here more often.

I’m focused on The Hispanic Atheist, and LAMMP when it comes to original content creation. I really want to work to ensure that Latin American myths and Spanish myths get greater prominence in terms of being seen on “Fantasy”-media (shows like Supernatural, Being Human, Teen Wolf, and American Horror Story. Books like The Mortal Instruments saga, Harry Potter, and Percy Jackson. Video games like Ninja Gaiden, and Devil May Cry.) Which is part of why my Mythology Monday’s focus on Latin America and the Spanish speaking world. The LAMMP is a project by myself and a few other Latinos/Latinas who want to see Latin American mythology become more common in media of all types and especially in fantasy type content. It’s the Latin American Mythology Media Project.

Honest Honduran News still exists but has been renamed and is now known as The Honduras Report. We also have a Weebly!

I plan on doing at least one original post here weekly, and I also plan on sharing stuff like my Fallacy Friday posts where I talk about fallacies, how to avoid them, what they look like, and how to overcome them. These are usually in the context of religion though, so be careful and make sure you read those posts fully!

I’ll be writing a post tomorrow talking specifically about what I will be including on this site. Until then, see you later! Let me know how you’ve been down in the comments section!

Updates: LAMMP, The Hispanic Atheist, and Mythology Monday’s.